Mr Sotka has acted as a legal counsel and Attorney-at-Law for business corporations and law offices, and currently in his own legal practice, for over 15 years. Since the beginning, the operations and services we offer have focused on the legal services needed by companies. Our clientele consists of Finnish and international companies, small and medium-sized manufacturers, IT and technology companies, family-owned companies and small business owners.

We also represent foreign companies in their investments and operations in Finland. This includes drafting commercial contracts, including joint ventures, different consortium agreements and contracting and sub-contracting agreements, and also procurement and delivery agreements.

We advise a number of Finnish IT and technology companies on a continuous basis in matters relating to IT and IPR, joint ventures and consortium agreements and financing, as well as in matters relating to European law and regulatory issues. We also represent clients in Finnish courts and before competition and regulatory authorities.

In order to succeed in our work in these areas of expertise, we must understand our client’s business operations, operating environment and current situation. This is essential for us to offer the client the exact legal services needed.

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