Expert in business law

I have joined Almgren & Sankamo Law Offices. My office in Helsinki is now the Helsinki office of Almgren & Sankamo and I will continue to serve my own customers as well as Almgren Sankamo´s corporate customers.

Almgren & Sankamo is a law firm with its roots in 1984. Our strengths include the comprehensive management of corporate legal affairs, solutions to the legal problems of individuals, and demanding litigation. We provide legal services for the entire life cycle of the company, from the preparation of the foundation documents to change of ownership. We work in several companies also as an in-house lawyer.

We advise a number of Finnish IT and technology companies on a continuous basis in matters relating to IT and IPR, joint ventures and consortium agreements and financing, as well as in matters relating to European law and regulatory issues. In addition, we represent our clients in Finnish courts and before competition and regulatory authorities.

Our clientele consists mainly of small to medium-sized Finnish companies (SMEs) and financial institutions as well as private entrepreneurs and small business owners.  We also represent, advise and assist foreign companies in their operations and investments in Finland.

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