EU and Competition Law

EU and Competition Law

Mr Sotka has acted as the responsible attorney-at-law in several large negotiation processes and trials, especially in the fields of EU law, competition law and public procurement cases.

Mr Sotka has comprehensive experience in Competition and EU law, and abundant experience in assisting customers to deal with national authorities and the European Commission. Competition law cases include abuse of a dominant position, cartels, horizontal and vertical competition restrictions, and public competition restrictions.

Mr Sotka also represents clients in Finnish courts and before competition and regulatory authorities. Additionally, Mr Sotka has considerable experience in EU legislation and also in legal issues relating to the operation and regulation of IT and telecommunications companies.

Competition law is at a turning point, since many Finnish and EU laws have recently been amended. Matters relating to competition law often need to be addressed when dealing with contracts and M&As. Breaches of competition law may result in severe consequences for a company.

Public procurements

We advise our clients in all matters relating to public procurements. We also represent service providers in Finland’s Market Court in cases of violations of procurement legislation.

In cases concerning public procurements, Mr Sotka has represented our clients in the processes at the Market Court and appellate courts. These cases have concerned telecommunications, information technology and the private healthcare sector.

All public units must arrange a tendering competition when they procure goods or services. They also need to treat all the parties making an offer equally. The offer with the best quality-price ratio, or the cheapest offer, must be chosen.