Our pricing is based on the time used in accomplishing the assignment and an hourly fee. All price information and price estimates are always quoted without value-added tax (VAT), so VAT at the rate in force must be added when appropriate.

We usually invoice for our services on a monthly basis. Our terms of payment are 7 days net. Penalty interest is levied for late payment under the provisions of Finland’s Interest Act.

For new customers, we usually charge an advance payment in line with the fees and expenses incurred by performing the assignment.

Hourly rates

Hourly rates range from 230 to 300 euros per hour plus VAT, depending on the nature of the assignment. Higher prices are charged for assignments that are exceptionally demanding or urgent.

Agreed prices

At the client’s request, we can also agree on special pricing principles, such as a fixed fee for a specific assignment. Whenever possible, we give a price estimate of the probable cost of an assignment.


We always charge the client for the direct expenses and official fees incurred in accomplishing the assignment.